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But also through many volunteer activities useful.

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Liquid Liner: I only use Zuzu Luxe. I have it in Raven black , Azure, and Nile for fun! Mascara : To be honest, W3ll People is the only one that works for me to give you a reference point, I used to use Buxom— I prefer a brush that separates like this. Ilia and Juice Beauty smeared eeeeeverywhere on me. Kari Gran for basics— I cannot rave enough about her Lip Whip.

Ilia think Laura Mercier for eyeshadow palettes noted though their mascara was awful for me, I looked like a raccoon.

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Thankfully now there are a bunch of easy places like Credo Beauty and The Detox Market my 2 favorites! Cart 0. Back Mind Body Personal Posts. Back Film Digital Branded Work. Why I switched over to non-toxic, clean beauty I got slammed with my autoimmune diagnosis and after desperately researching for anything that could help ease the massive load of stressors on and symptoms of my body, I dismayingly realized just how INSANELY toxic some of these ingredients in these products are.

Bodycare Dr. Exfoliators: I mostly rely on my dry brush also amazing for lymphatic flushing and Korean scrub towel Oral care Get that SLS foaming agent used in industrial agents, yay! Hope you guys found this massive guide helpful and fun!! Mar 7, Nutrition , Beauty , Hashimoto's , Wellness. Feb 27, Hormonal Health , Skincare , Beauty. They can still sell products containing microbeads until July but cannot manufacture them. Toothpastes are definitely an area of concern, and I was surprised to find microbeads in chewing gum, so personally I am sure that we have ingested them.

Incidentally, dentists have also warned that pieces of microplastic can become lodged in our gums, leading to gum health problems as they harbour bacteria and are very difficult to extract. Also, no one wants a mouthful of potentially toxic plastic. The microbeads are often ingested by marine life, fish, birds and other creatures.

The best microbead-free face exfoliators for every skin type. Why organise your life so far in advance? Refuel with everything from avo brunch to a burger with a health twist, join a cookery workshop or book a massage in The Sanctuary area, or just go shopping for sportswear. To whet your appetite, the team behind The Balance Festival has shared their prediction for the workouts, foods and wellbeing movements that will be huge for Watch this space…. Boxed your way into ?

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In addition to torching calories and helping you to build lean muscle, PT and Balance Festival ambassador Jamie Ray emphasises the often underrated mind-body connection that martial arts allow:. Not only are they a brilliant way to increase stamina, build muscle and improve agility, but by occupying the mind they provide a total release from the stresses of our everyday, chaotic lives.

Preferable with a sticky toffee pudding at the bottom of the mountain. Slightly more specialised than leashing a rope to a tree, DNA testing is now enabling us to tailor workouts and nutrition plans to our unique microbiome, helping us to attain maximum fitness gains in a shorter amount of time.

HIITing the gym hard? You may want to ease off and stretch it out - the fitness community will adopt a greater focus on effective, restorative recovery in the months to come, with an emphasis on the surprising side effects of a few days off such as increased mobility, healthier muscles and a lower injury risk, as Zanna highlights:. Not new, of course dinosaurs can kind of lay the claim to that , but there are new plant based food trends on the ascendance, as Zanna explains:.

Forget lemon and berry or even rosemary and birch Icelandic moss water is supposedly coming our way.

You can try it at The Balance Festival and make your own mind up. Been to a gong bath yet? Which brings us to…. From helping you to achieve greater mental clarity to nail a work project to reducing stress, there are genres and methods of meditation being made available to all. The spirit of competition is alive and well if app development insiders are to be believed- apparently fitness trackers are evolving to be more science-based, with a leaning towards competing with your mates or those around you. For some comparison is the thief of joy, but for others it gets them going in the morning.

Whether you play the game is up to you. Like 'no makeup makeup', however, achieving and styling a curtain fringe can be quite the art, and as Nick Carter et al prove, it can go quite sticky uppy, greasy and generally wrong pretty much as soon as you turn your back. When being cut from the shortest point, the shape of the cut is angled down gradually, and hair is left longer towards the top of the cheek bones. The only case in which it could be difficult is if your hair is very coarse or curly and it can be tricky for very narrow or broad foreheads too.

It needs to be professionally done, with careful assessment of your face shape, hair type and personal style, not to mention precision. A curtain fringe needs to blend seamlessly with your existing haircut too. A visual representation of what you want is still the best form of communication with your hairdresser!

It is important to be realistic though- try to find an example worn on someone who has a similar face shape and hair type to your own. Deciding where the fringe should be placed and how short the shortest part should be requires expertise, as does cutting in the angle and where the fringe should end to flatter your face shape. Don't overwork the hair as the fringe will not fall as it should. You can always clamp the fringe from the ends on either side with a hair-clip, securing hair at the temples, while you dry the rest of your hair or apply make-up.

I would suggest putting tissue on top of the clamped hair under the clip so the fringe doesn't get marked stylists use playing cards backstage- just an idea. When drying the fringe, try to keep roots flat. Hair on the face in the summertime can be faffy and irritating- I find that clients are much more open to a fringe in the colder months. Plus, it makes for a refreshing change without a drastic loss of hair length.

And possibly a Backstreet Boys poster as an example of what not to cut. No one wants a Nick Carter curtain. My mane mistakes? Here are the pitfalls from the pros to watch out for. If your hair styling plans normally fall flat, incorrect product placement could be a useful first port of call. This simple yet effective modification has been incredibly handy for me when it comes to repairing my relationship with my trusty bottle of hair oil. Dehydration is my key concern however, product overload was leaving my lengths looking dull. Rather than focusing on what I was using, turning off autopilot and shifting my focus to how I was using it made a huge impact.

The most snag-free of protocols? Start from the bottom up. I absolutely love a hot shower. My favourite hair tool is by far my curling tong but admittedly, my endeavours have been far from consistent over the years. And unfortunately for me , errors in technique are often ones that Craig highlights as being among the most detectable to notice.

His advice? For waves, he also recommends trying out 'denting' or 'bending' for creating a more natural finish. To dent the hair, hold the section tight and press the tong onto the section for a few seconds. If the hair has taken too much movement, hold the section and run the tong along the hair swiftly to knock out the over movement.


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Few tools have made as much of an impact over the last decade as hair straighteners have. Everyone has one in their artilleries however, overuse can often leave hair looking completely flat and pancaked against the scalp I unfortunately have the university pictures to prove it.

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According to Craig though, there are some cardinal rules that can prove helpful for making the most of them and keeping marks and ridges where the irons have been too aggressively clamped to a minimum. Very gently clamp the hair, don't slam them together and slowly clamp them tighter as you work down the hair if required.

When mixed with environmental factors such as sun exposure, chlorine from pools and salt water, the health of our hair can fade, fast. It is avoidable though. A huge advocate of embracing and enhancing your natural hair, he feels that injecting an element of self-celebration into your routine could be a game-changer - and I definitely agree.

The Lazy Girl's Guide to Looking Cute on Christmas, Featuring Vanessa Hudgens

Dig out that diffuser from the back of the cupboard, pop in some curl cream and bring those curls back to life. If you have straight hair then find a good stylist and tell them you want to be able to simply rough dry your hair. Sounds promising.

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  8. Using either a paddle brush or Denman brush, simply smooth it from one side to the other until it's completely dry. This will give a really nice natural finish. If you want to encourage your curls, then take sections of wet hair around the size of a two pound coin. Twist it from root to tip and either use a diffuser or let it dry naturally and watch your natural waves blossom.