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Specimen Submission Policy

When labeling a specimen for the laboratory, the following information must be included: Patient's first name and last name Hospital medical record number, date of birth or alternate unique patient number Collector's ID Time the specimen was collected Date the specimen was collected A phlebotomist must NEVER pre-label specimen containers. All rights reserved.

synonym study for specimen

Forgot your username? To this end we are providing a desktop reference set of high-quality images of dried herbarium specimens for comparison. These will represent a broad range of Neotropical genera and common species.

The underlying strategy is to have just a few examples of each species, specimens that are typical or illustrative of that species. Preference is given to specimens that have a good set of leaves as well as flowers or fruit, and to specimens with an authoritative identification.

Specimens of juveniles will be included when available and when significantly different in appearance from adults.

Specimen Preparation Preparing Samples for Microscopy Slides : Leica Biosystems

At this point, the species selection has been uneven and eclectic with a bias toward Peruvian species. We continue to add more species and will provide a wider representation of genera and common species. We expect to add other selectable fields that will help restrict the number of choices, e.

These scanned images are viewable larger "View Max" than the actual size of the specimens, but the size varies according to your monitor settings and browser. To review many specimens at once we have also created smaller images. After selecting a family, one can use the scroll feature with the thumbnails or the somewhat larger data images to quickly sift through specimens of many genera and species, selecting those that are possible matches.

Specimen Collection, Storage, and Shipment

Opening the medium or maximum blowups reveals much more detail a cm scale is provided at the upper right edge of each image. Some identifications might be done confidently with only these matches. But that is risky. Given that we have only a fraction of Neotropical species now visible here, it is safer to use these images for potential identifications, and confirm them with use of the herbarium, literature, or assistance of a specialist.