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To learn more about them and their puzzlebooks please visit their website by clicking HERE. Tags: bibliophile , book review , childrens books , ebook , education , Grabarchuk Family , puzzles.

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They are really cool! I am glad you like it Ms. These puzzlebooks will be a great hit with children and adults alike. I want to do the puzzles. I hope you like it if you get it! What a great book! I just ordered Cooper more Highlights Puzzle Buzz, which he loves.

Puzzlebook Trilogy: Puzzle Quizzes by The Grabarchuk Family

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The bottom line: the puzzles are interesting and fun to solve, especially if you like mind challenges. I enjoyed solving them, but my two nieces, ages 8 and 10, also enjoyed them. On the Kindle Fire, the puzzles were in color, and the controls were simpler, consisting of touching and swiping. On the e-ink Kindle, there was a short learning curve on using the controls, and the color graphics were in grayscale, but the puzzles played just as well.

Three Books in One By Roberta Karchner If you have not purchased the earlier puzzles books by this family, this is a wonderful place to start. These books contain a wide variety of puzzles, from simple ones where you need to be observant and count things, to a few where remembering your Geometry could be helpful. There are matching, twisting, and logic puzzles. What amazes me is the variety of puzzles, all in full color, which is wonderful for me as an iPad user.

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When you click on the correct answer, it takes you to a page where if applicable the answer is explained. An incorrect answer let's you know you have missed, and you have the chance to try again by returning to the puzzle. I enjoy stretching my mind, and these are just the thing for taking on a trip, well at least as long as I'm not the one driving.

I am grateful to have received a complimentary copy of this book so that I could check it out in its newest edition and provide a review. Great value By Stephen M.

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Lerch Having played all of the Puzzlebooks in this collection previously, I have to say that if you don't already own any of the books in this unique trilogy, it's definitely worth the money if you are a fan of puzzles at all. At the current sub five dollar price, the price is right. There's not a lot of plot and no characterization, but what is here is a great example of puzzle solving.