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We build block towers over and over, which he designates as houses built of straw, sticks or bricks, and then proceeds to huff and puff until he blows them down.

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The blowing is supplemented by head-butting in order to get the job done. Wolves are akin to foxes, those handsome animals that are forever prowling about looking for poultry to devour. In picture books, the fox often gets outfoxed in humorous ways.

Outfoxing the Fox

Chanticleer does some clever thinking, tricking the fox into opening his mouth to declare his own cleverness. The fox intends for the goose to be the main ingredient, but in a delightful twist ends up in the soup himself. But I have another tale in mind, a story about actual foxes and chickens on the farm of my childhood.

Each spring my mom ordered one hundred fluffy yellow chicks. They were delivered to town on the train, brought home, and kept warm in the house for several days under brooder lamps. Our kitchen was temporary home to a delightful mass of peeping cuteness. After a few days they were relocated to the chicken coop, and thus began the long season of raising them to juicy adulthood.

They were allowed to run loose around the farm yard during the day, scratching and pecking for bugs and worms.

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At dusk the door to the coop was left open, and they all went home to roost. The summer I was nine or so, there were several hungry foxes lurking in the tree rows at the edge of the yard. Dad would report seeing them in the fields when he was cultivating or spraying for weeds.

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Vaurek May 11 Do we get to see the great tribble hunt in action? Post a comment. Date May 10th, By OrionSlaver.

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