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The book jumps from the past, when Toan is only six years old, to the present, when he is in his teens.

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The book is mainly written in first person, Toan's and his older cousin's, Linh's point of view. This book is about the Vietnam war , and the problems and hardships the Vietnamese people faced while trying to escape their war stricken country.

Only Heart

During the book, Toan and his family escape Vietnam, on a boat. They become part of the first wave of boat people. During the boat trip, Phuong Toan's cousin is almost captured by sea pirates, but her mother saves her from becoming a sex slave, by offering herself, in fair exchange and sacrifice for the safety of Phuong.

She is taken away and never seen by her family again.

This was not her fault however, this was forced upon her through the Vietnam gangs. When the family makes it to Malaysia , the Malaysian people try to send them back, but they destroy the ship, forcing everyone to go overboard. Toan almost drowns.

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  • When they make it to Malaysia, they are on a list waiting to be transferred to another country so they can be safe from the war in Vietnam. After being late for their time to leave, Toan's father takes matters into his own hands.

    Only The Heart

    They escape from their "home" and chase after the dream for a better life for their family. They end up in Australia.

    This novel is filled with hope. It shows the inside of Vietnam, the way people feel about the war and the experiences that were experienced, that caused the Vietnamese people, to become stronger and more resilient.


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