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The waves crash in and out. They come and go.

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And nobody can stop them. Like the noise of a storm is the voice of God.

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The power of God as he speaks is awful. It would make the bravest person afraid. From the middle down, he seemed like fire. A bright light surrounded him. It was splendid and bright. So, I fell down with my face to the ground. And then I heard a voice that spoke to me. In form, he was like a man.

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But he was not a man. God shows himself here in a form similar to a man. The lower part of the figure glowed as with fire. The upper part glowed with an inner light. It had a colour like metal, when it glows in a fire. Verse 28 The light was like the colours of the rainbow. Ezekiel felt that he was standing there in front of God. The sight was so magnificent that he fell down. Clearly, he was full of fear. Nobody can see God and live. Ezekiel did not see God himself. Then God spoke to him. The people were already opposing God. God was giving the people one more opportunity to obey him.

And I will speak with you. He lifted me up on my feet. They and their fathers have done wrong things against me.

Dan (ancient city)

Even now, they are still against me. They refuse to obey me. But do not be afraid of what they say. Do not let the anger on their faces frighten you.

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They may listen. Verses Ezekiel was face down on the ground. It filled him with terror and fear. The voice told him to get up on his feet. But he did not have the strength to do so. The Spirit of God came into him. The Spirit took hold of him and lifted him up.

Then he was ready to hear what the voice would say to him. This title would remind Ezekiel that he was a mere man. He would have to depend on the Spirit to make him strong. Only then could he do what God told him to do. God gives him his authority for the task.

He must go to his own people.

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He must tell them what God says. Through their history, this nation had neglected to obey God. God had sent his servants to warn the people about their behaviour. And those who were alive were no better.

They still refused to obey God. Verse 5 Ezekiel had to go and speak to the people on behalf of God. It did not matter whether they listened or not. He still had to speak the words of God to them. They will have no excuse. And they will know that God sent him. Verses When Ezekiel speaks, some of the people will be angry. They may reply with cruel words. They may be fierce and do awful things. But Ezekiel must not be afraid of them. The cuts and stings are pictures in words of things that hurt. Even if he suffers pain, Ezekiel must not be afraid.

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  • He must not be afraid, whatever the people may do. This is a command of God to Ezekiel. The people may oppose him. They may refuse to listen. They may attack him. But Ezekiel must obey God and speak his words to them. Open your mouth! Eat what I am giving to you! I saw a hand that reached out toward me. It had words on the front and on the back. It contained funeral songs, sad words and words about troubles.

    Verse 8 Ezekiel had to hear what God said to him. He had to understand the message that God gave to him. God told Ezekiel to eat what he gave to him. This action had a special meaning.