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Across from the mountains, A little house sits in the trees.

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I'm lost in tranquility As my soul tries to breathe. Read Complete Poem. I too was a messed up kid and left with a lot of bad memories, I am going through another dark patch in my life but this poem has reminded me that I will rise again and soar and in doing so Rest, my soul, in God's love as you live every day. Relax in His faithfulness as you go along your way. If we all followed the beautiful simple sentiment of the poem we wouldn't have half the troubles we have.

Just between you and me, Lord, I'd like to say It's not always easy to follow Your way. I understand what you mean by the Golden Rule-- To create a good life, there is no better tool. Such an inspirational write If everyone on earth followed the Light, we'd then set all the wrongs to right. Imagine if every heart was filled with love and peace.

What a wonderful place the Looking in the Eyes of Christ, see His love for us inside. See the beauty of our lives, in the Eyes of Christ. In times of doubts and fears, when the world brings us to tears,. There's a girl crying alone in her room, Wishing she could disappear from this cursed earth.

Dragging a razor blade across her scarred wrist, She fails to see how much she is worth. I am a year-old girl on my grandma's computer.

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Child Of God Quotes (25 quotes)

I was touched by this poem because it is at my school we have a few of problems that my principal refuses to solve such as teasing, bullying, I wonder, Is there anything out there? Something we don't know? Our earth is just a grain of dust. Menu Search Login Loving. Keep me logged in. Faith Poems Email Share.

5 Original Poems About Faith

Do I really need to make that frivolous purchase, instead of giving the money to someone who needs it so much more than I do? Can I watch that TV show, read that book, listen to that song that contains and promotes! Do I do enough to love and help and encourage others? Pride always hovers, eagerly waiting to subdue and conquer humility, so I think too much of myself.

15 Inspirational Prayer Poems

I know the rules; the Bible makes everything clear. Christian poems and inspirational Christian poetry can comfort those in distress, as this free Christian poem does. It's a Christian verse that acknowledges that we can derive strength, courage and comfort from knowing our Lord is always there for us. If those I thought were friends act more like foes, If I start to lose the things I hold most dear, I know that I can tell it all to You; You want to listen to me and to hear. Christian poems and inspirational Christian poetry should reference our Lord Jesus Christ, and Christian poems about Christians should help us live our lives according to His commands, as this Christian verse does.

This free Christian poem, in free verse it doesn't rhyme , is about what it's like before and after.

Life Lessons

It's a Christian verse that summarizes the transition from secular to Christian. We are happy to provide this Christian spiritual poem online. Is this all there is? Imprisoned by our need for control, trapped by insatiable desires for worldly pleasures, we are oppressed by our desperate hunger for approval and love from everyone except the One who loves us most. Straining, fighting to release a familiar yet unknown burden, we struggle to flee the tension, the stress from the inner knowing that our lives are incomplete without Him who created us.

Turn around. Come to Jesus. He is hope; He is joy; He is freedom, direction, and purpose. Let Him carry your burdens. Surrender your pain to His love. Turn from darkness to the Son, to the beacon Who will always light your way. He is waiting Christian poems and inspirational Christian poetry can focus on God's creation, as this Christian verse does. It's a free Christian poem written in free verse rather than rhyme. It could also be used as a Christian prayer poem.

God in the Seasons Lord, In Spring we are reminded of the magnificence of Your creation, as the earth is covered in verdant green, with splendid splashes of color, and we witness birth everywhere, of animals bearing their young, of buds turning into leaves and flowers and our own moods being reborn with renewed energy and life.

Lord, in Summer, we remember the warmth of Your love for us and the light of Your goodness. Both are everywhere for those who look. Thank You for butterflies, birds and wildlife for us to enjoy, water to swim in, and weather that frees us to romp and play while outdoor pleasures are at their peak. Lord, In Fall, we thank you for Your cooling breezes, that bring relief from the relentless summer heat.

We see bright colors fading and dying, leaves turning brown, crisp, disintegrating, only to be reborn next year, reminding us that every living thing, including us, must die in some way before being reborn.

Wallace Stevens

Lord, In Winter, as white snow blankets the ground, we are reminded of Your purity and Your perfection. The complexity and beauty of each single snowflake only hints at Your transcendent intelligence and creativity.

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We hunker down and snuggle in, knowing this season will wind down and Spring will reappear, as it always has because You created an orderly, predictable universe, not by chance, but from your flawless design. Thank You for the seasons, Lord, and everything in them that You created for our enjoyment.

Curious about the Christian religion? What is Christianity? What is a Christian? She was a licensed Clinical Social Worker for 28 years doing hospital social work and counseling.