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Historian, sociologist and journalist. Director of the National Library of Peru. Pediatric physician. Honorary president of the International Pediatric Association. Literary Critic. Professor of African literature at the Faculty of Literature, Lisbon.

Honorary member of the Angolan Writers Association. Former Minister for National Education and Culture. Geologist and Oceanographer. Philosopher, sociologist and writer. Member of the Unesco Scientific Commission for writing the history of the Caribbean.

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Art critic, journalist, professor and novelist. Philosopher and sociologist.

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Quanquin, W. Sonnleitner, C. Zumello Coordinator of the 21st Century Talks and the 21st Century Dialogues. Lawyer, diplomat, columnist and politician.

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Minister of Foreign Affairs for Peru. Philosopher and historian. Professor at Eduardo Mondlane University. Former Minister of Information for the Samora Machels government after Mozambique gained independence. Economist and novelist. Writer, translator and diplomat. Advisor on international affairs for the local government of Mexico city. Novelist, writer of short stories and poet. Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs of Azerbaijan.

Associate Professor in Portuguese language and literature at Universidade Federal Fluminense, specializing in African literature. Representative of the Palestinian Authority in France.

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Political analyst based in Baku, Azerbaijan. Her research on the issues of security, conflicts and politics in the region was published by the Oxford University Press, Sharpe and others.

Political Scientist. President of the Dominican Republic. Professor of political science, writer and politician. Former President of Haiti. Journalist, essayist and novelist. Professor and politician. Former Minister for Public Education. First President of Guinea-Bissau after its independence from Portugal. Graduate in law, anthropology and linguistics. Elected to serve as a national congressman in Professor of literature, poet, novelist and journalist.

Sketches on Transcultural Subjectivity and Aesthetics Former Minister of Culture and Communications.

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  2. Catherine Blum (Les Cahiers Rouges t. 283) (French Edition).
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  5. Oases and Globalization.

Thinker, political scientist and journalist. Editor of a volume series on Islam, Qadaya Fikriyya. Associate Professor in international relations at Behasti University.

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Editor of Discourse journal. Poet and politician. Deputy Speaker of the National Assembly. Member of the board of the University of Coimbra. Historian and essayist. Member of the French Academy of Letters. Demographer, Specialist in Iranian issues. Former Vice-President of the Brazilian Republic.

Former president of Portugal, prime minister and minister of Foreign Affairs. Was Deputy to the European Parliament. Vice-president of the Academy of Latinity. Currently dedicating his work to the Mario Soares Foundation. Foreign member of the Russian Academy of Science. Former French Minister of Culture. Professor of Classical Philology. Studi di antropologia e letterature classiche and Francesco Petrarca sulle arti figurative.

Tra Plinio e S. Agostino Technical Secretary of the National Agreement of Peru. Identidad, diversidad y cambio Novelist, writer of short stories, poet, journalist and biologist. Archaeologist and art historian. Curator of the Haiti Museum of Art. Chairman of the International Association of Sociology.

Photographer and anthropologist. Literary critic and essayist. Co-Director of the cultural magazine Hueso Humero. Member of the editorial team of Plural TV Canal 4. Author of several articles and essays on the ethnical and cultural communitarian media. Some of his researches can be seen at the site of the Observatory under his direction: www.

Professor of History and Archaeology at the University of Tunis.

Le « voyage des Andes » des artistes du Río de la Plata au xxe siècle

He holds the Ben Ali Chair for the dialogue of the civilizations and religions. Journalist and writer. President of Iran from to Iranian Ambassador to Morocco. Founder and coordinator of Kawakibi Democracy Transition Center. Co-editor of The Edward Said Reader. Full Professor of International Literature in Kancon.

Member of the editorial board for the cultural magazines Keyhan Rarhangi and Sher. Each member may frank ten and receive fifteen daily. About the newspaper stamp duty, etc. Waghorn's Documents and Papers, London, , 32 p. See also the volume introduction, p.